Attending Programs and Events

All programs and events are offered, FREE, no cost to participants, unless

indicated in this program guide as part of the program description.

Programs and events requiring pre-registration are designated as such.


While at Alice’s Garden

Enjoy the beauty of the garden. The garden does not permit firearms or

other weapons, and is a peaceful space in Creation. We inhale and exhale

deeply, so please refrain from smoking in or around the garden. Use

language and words that encourage all of humanity in its many expressions!

Only harvest what you have planted or what those who have planted invite

you to harvest from their own plots. Admire the butterflies, bees, birds, and

other garden creatures without harming them. Stay hydrated. Bring a journal

or a sketchpad and stay awhile. 



February 08, 2016


Alice’s Garden provides models of sustainable farming, community cultural development ,and economic agricultural enterprises for the global landscape.  We understand the cultivating, preparing and preserving of food and food traditions as a cultural arts to be reclaimed and celebrated fully in urban agriculture.

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